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8-9 Seater Minibus Hire

Planning for a group travel is not everyone’s cup of tea. Every traveller’s needs must be met. While some want to stick their heads out of the window and get fresh air, others want to sit back and go through their notes as they prepare for a meeting. Some wish to sleep through the travel as the sound of good music creates a soothing feeling. How do you satisfy all these needs? Well, Travel Eaze knows all the answers. Our minibuses are equipped with all the amenities required by group travellers. They are air conditioned while all the seats are comfortable. You are at liberty to request our polite drivers to play music of your choice. Our sedans and MPVs are designed to ensure that you can read, take notes, and communicate with your corporate family.

Sufficient Space Is Provided

It is not uncommon for group travellers to carry lot of luggage with them. The bags carrying clothes and make up or the brief cases full of files and devices need space in a minibus. Our cars are spacious to fit the luggage of any type and at the same ensure that you have enough leg room. Contact us and you will not have to be squeezed and held in one position in travel as though you are a hostage.

We Always Maintain Our Minibuses in Perfect Condition

Refuse to settle for minibuses that break down after every mile. You will be delayed and frustrated throughout the journey. Our vehicles are maintained by credible engineers to avoid the break downs. We do not also hold on to our old vehicles because they are bound to have complications in travel. Rather, we replace the old with the new. In any case, we are here to put smiles on every client’s face.

Our Rates Are Competitive

Probably you have avoided hiring minibuses because of the fear that your hard-earned money will be wasted in the process. We can relate to you. After 15 years in the business, we know what it is like to try allocating scarce resources to numerous needs. At the same time, we are aware that you wish to travel in style. It is in this light that we lowered our prices significantly. You cannot get the same rate and quality of service anywhere else in Oldham.

Booking Is Easy

Our customer care service works on a 24/7 basis. When others retire during the weekends and holidays, we will be on the other side of the phone waiting for your call. We do not bother our clients with hundreds of questions because our employees are intuitive enough to know what you are looking for. Within minutes, we will have made the necessary arrangements.

With the quality of service provided at Travel Eaze, you have no reason to go elsewhere for 8-9 minibus hire services. Call us today.

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