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10-12 Seater Minibus Hire

Over fifteen years ago, we started an incredible journey of serving travellers in Oldham. It has been a time of growth, learning, and building strong relationships with clients. Even when we feel that we already know your needs, we have learnt that every client is unique, and listening to them is inevitable. Our employees are trained to communicate effectively with clients, so that critical details are obtained. We have further invested in classy and stylish minibuses just to ensure that our clients create lasting impressions wherever they go. By contacting us, you will have automatically opted to gain value for your money.

We Are Always On the Lead

Everyone seeks to obtain the highest rank in any setting. It takes effort and persistence. We have done our work and our services cannot be replicated by competitors. We go the extra mile to create innovative solutions. All factors will be taken into consideration before we settle for a certain price for services. It is inclusive of balancing between offering uncompromised quality and financial constraints that our clients face often. When our cars start to show signs of wear and tear, we don’t hesitate to replace them. Your safety cannot be compromised! Further, our cars are designed with environmental conservation in mind because we are concerned about the well-being of our community. In travel business, we lead while others follow.

No Limitations

With Travel Eaze, you are given a chance to make choices in your travel. We allow you to choose the 10-12 seater minibus that matches your tastes and preferences. You are at the liberty to decide whether you want to be entertained or have quiet rides. Choose to recline your chair and sleep or get a certain temperature as you read. Our drivers will answer your queries when you are confused about directions or when you want to take different routes. What’s more, you can decide to have self-driven or chauffeured rides. Different payment options are accepted.

We Are Legitimate

We do not have time to engage in a cat and mouse game with the authorities. We have passed all tests and met all specifications required by the government. Our registration documents speak volumes as to how far we are willing to go to ensure that the bulk of our time is spent serving you. Our drivers and vehicles are fully insured. Necessary compensations to clients and employees are always done as per the expectations. We also take our staff members through a rigorous selection process just to make sure that they can deliver positive results. They are given proper orientation and refresher courses to keep them updated on the best practices in the business. At Travel Eaze, no detail in service delivery is overlooked.

Certainly, you cannot go wrong by opting for our 10-12 seater minibus hire services. Do your booking now!

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